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Imagine a world where everything we design and create is consciously connected. To nature, to life, and its sustainable cycles. In today's world technology, art, and design are increasingly driven by an innovative mission that is inspired by, and in co-creation with, mother nature. We believe bringing together these initiatives in one big vision has the power to act as a vehicle bringing a sustainable change in people, society and our systems.

Curation, consultancy, and research. Through research and curation of both traditional and innovative expressions, we envision a new world. And through this vision, we aim to inspire and support people and organizations to re-establish our connection with the earth—igniting an era of sustainable and circular art and design linking past,

present, and future.

The-art-tree is an initiative of researcher and art director Fenja Ellen Sepers. The-art-tree originated from the idea that art can uplift consciousness and bring a sustainable change in people, society and systems. Starting in 2009 as a platform connecting young and upcoming artists with a larger audience, the-art-tree is currently in growing into a consultancy for for research, curation and forecasting—connecting art, ancestry, nature, and design.


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