Do It Yurtself: A Modern Yurt You Can Build Yourself

Ancient building techniques taking on new shapes—that is the Modern Yurt you can build yourself. With the help of friends, Zach Both documented the entire build and created a free online guide called Do It Yurtself. Videos, photos, 3D models and a custom website to share the process.

Do It Yurtself

Zach Both is a young filmmaker who in a past life worked as a designer and art director. He has always been fascinated by the structures we call home. The evolution of these buildings throughout history have helped define various cultures and have had an enormous impact on who we are as individuals. Our relationship to our homes and their construction has been personal area of interest and a topic that Zach tries to explore in many different ways.

His passion for telling unique and unusual stories through filmmaking lead him to travel the country in a van until he decided to put down roots in the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend, Nicole where they have been building a modern yurt 20 minutes outside of Portland. It was a labor of love with many of their closest friends and family helping along the way. They documented the whole build process, and turned into an online build guide called Do It Yurtself.

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