Furniture Grown by Nature

Full Grown decided that in a time of change, when our future objects may be printed, by growing the trees directly into shape we can make objects that are more personal, elegant and durable.

Furniture has been a part of civilised life for thousands of years, as is the way we make it. Whilst often effective in some ways, this process is highly wasteful, considerably damaging to our environment, and, when the complete process is taken into account, very slow – it takes at least 50 years before you have a tree that is worth cutting down.

Full Grown uses ancient techniques combined with modern technology to grow, graft, nurture and then harvest living trees into Chairs, Tables, and Sculptures. Made with a lot of love and knowledge about nature. The company is headed by Designer and Artist Gavin Munro. Inspired by the beauty of nature, geometry and the desire to work with wood, he has spent the last 10 years studying and developing the techniques and craft of Tree Shaping and Botanical Craftsmanship.

Creative symbiosis is the ultimate goal. Each tree is well nurtured and tended, all is asked of the tree is that it grows along certain pathways. Even when the tree is cut down, new branches grow back more vigorously. This means a constant rotation of harvests similar to a vineyard.