Fungal Futures

An exploration in materials and sustainable design by using the natural recycles or nature

Fungi are the recyclers of nature: they live by digesting the left-overs of plants and wood. Fungal Futures shows how scientists and designers can use this quality of nature and make functional materials of organic waste, such as sawdust and straw.

FUNGAL FUTURES is a collection of work of an international group of artists and designers developing innovative materials using mycelium: the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony.

Fungal mycelium consists of a dense network of interlocking filamentous cells, called hyphae. The mycelium can break down plant matter and convert the breakdown products while extending its network. This specific fungal behavior can be used to create biomaterials with novel properties, and can represent attractive alternatives to traditional synthetics as they are 100% natural, fully compostable, and resulting from waste streams.

FUNGAL FUTURES is innovative research processes that operates at the intersection of design and science. The creatives, working in direct consultation with scientists, have adopted and developed unorthodox novel methodologies and techniques, as part of their practice.

Outcomes of the fungal investigations range from textiles, shoemaking, new transparent biodegradable material, organics 3-d printing materials, growth systems, food production and other novel materials.