Mono Giraud: where natural pieces come alive

The Argentinian Mono Giraud is an artist, a designer, and infinitely inspired by creative processes.

Unique design pieces

As an artist and designer Mono Giraud exclusively makes and offers unique pieces: tables from organic wood, armchairs, benches, baskets, candles, lights, linen kimonos, textiles—all characterized by the luxury of simplicity, natural forms that emirate femininity, and a style that inevitable impacts the onlooker.

The starting point of her creative proces is giving new meaning to existing objects. First she goes through the factories with which she works to transforms what she finds, such as a simple piece of silk becoming a piece of art. She is interested in the human and sensitive part of her creations. That they may have a soul, be alive, and breathe.

And then, the second step in her work is to transform her creations again through the visualization of her pieces. Baskets become hats, straw plates wide skirts, raw canvas long dresses. Her Instagram is the place of exhibiting photographs shot in her little vibrant shop and studio in the characteristic neighbourhood of Palermo of Buenos Aires.

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