Rewilding Europe, making Europa a wilder place

During the last century, Europe has become a place rules and designed by man, instead of nature. European wildlife species have strongly declined, even in the wildest areas. Many ecosystems – the basis of our natural wealth – are broken. For many of its human inhabitants, finding outstretched vastness of land, ancients forests, and expanding horizons, has became something of the past.

Rewilding Europe

The immersive project Rewilding Europe is a progressive approach to conservation. It works to restore lost species guilds by giving them space to thrive, and by reintroducing key native species. It’s about letting nature take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems and restore degraded landscapes. Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms create wilder, more biodiverse habitats.

Nature’s own ways

Nature knows best when it comes to survival and self-governance. We can give it a helping hand by creating the right conditions—by removing dykes and dams to free up rivers, by stopping active management of wildlife populations, by allowing natural forest regeneration, and by reintroducing species that have disappeared as a result of man’s actions.

Then we can step back again and let nature manage itself.