The forest man, how a man single-handedly planted a forest

Jadav Payeng

Unknowingly almost four decades ago, Jadav Payeng embarked on a lifelong project. Seeing the land of his beloved hometown, located a few kilometers north of Jorhat in India, on the banks of the might Brahmaputra, having lost more than half its landmass to erosion—leaving a dry and barren land without many of its wildlife.

Wanting to do something Payeng started single-handedly planting plants and trees, something which grew into nearly 1400 acres of forest, a place larger than Central Park in New York City. Because of its density the forest now has elephants, rhinoceros, deer, and tigers.

The Forest Man

A photographer discovered, almost by chance, what this one man was doing. He wrote an article about it that was an inspiration to many which endowed him with the title ‘Forest Man.’ Payeng has won many awards for his incredible achievements, but not without his frustration. He has many other brilliant ideas to stop erosion and to save the island, but so far nobody has paid attention. This humble and passionate man takes us on a journey into his incredible forest.