Traditional dwellings inspired by nature

By investigating traditional dwellings and spaces, we can reflect a on a new way of living. From it, we can take both knowledge and inspiration to create a way of building, and lifestyle, that stands deep relationship with nature and in conscious connection to the earth and materials around us.

When we learn lessons from the building forms of ancient societies, we will be able to draw inspiration from its techniques and proven knowledge. Through this we encourage wellbeing with natural elements. Sometimes it looks like we have forgotten that living in the landscape and being surrounded by natural materials inspires the soul and our connection to something greater. Here a few of those traditional inspirational buildings that induce the spirit.

Tuareg village in the Ubari Lakes oasis area, Libya. Photography: Giuseppe Masci

Traditional reed home, South Africa and Sumba traditional home, Indonesia.

Binu shrine, Bandiagara escarpment, Mali. Material: adobe

Traditional reed hut, Kenya and Totora reed homes, Lake Titicaca in Peru

Thatch houses at Puntjie South Africa.

Kassena Mud House, Burkino Faso and Dorze beehive homestead Checha, Ethiopia

Grain storage hut, Ghana and Berber Grain Storage, Tunesia