Tribal inspired: the Thai Keemala resort

The Thai Keemala resort is a beautiful connection between innovative architecture and ancient traditions.

Overlooking the Andaman Sea on the island of Phuket, Keemala harnesses the history of fictitious ancient Phuket settlers and incorporates the story of four different clans within the resort. The ancient community of Keemala consisted of four clans, each with distinct beliefs and way of life: The Pa-Ta-Pea Clan (Earth Clan), the Khon-Jorn Clan (Wanderer Clan), the We-Ha Clan (Sky Clan), the Rung-Nok Clan (Nest Clan).

The architecture of the four different villa types of the resort, reflect the skills, beliefs, and ways of living each of the groups. Keemala and its grounds are designed as an expansion of the surrounding landscape, making use of natural features such as mature trees, streams and waterfalls and integrating these into the overall design.

The Nest Clan

The Rung-Nok Clan (Nest Clan) enjoyed an opulent way of life and craved exclusivity. The clan was thought to be more superior in both intellect and creativity, and comprised of artists, actors, musicians, astrologers, philosophers, and poets. They believed that the future could be predicted from astrology. They would bathe under the moonlight believing that their souls would be replenished.

The Sky Clan

The We-Ha Clan (Sky Clan) were a group who were believed to have had advanced understanding of the universe. They built their homes elevated from the ground in order to obtain better creativity and liberty. The clan included the talents of healers, creators, architects, and inventors.

The Wanderer Clan

The Khon-Jorn Clan (Wanderer Clan) was an adventurous group made up of foragers, herders, performers, traders, and explorers who spent their time trading goods with other tribes they encountered on their journeys. Due to their nomadic ways they would prefer to construct semi-permanent homes so they could easily move on.

The Earth Clan

The Pa-Ta-Pea Clan (Earth Clan) believed that being connected to the earth would bring them health benefits. Not only would they build their homes on the ground, but they would also incorporate earth into their walls, roofs, and furniture. Even the beds they slept on were made from soil and clay. This clan consisted of hard working farmers, fishermen, gardeners, carpenters, blacksmiths, and miners.

Architect: Space Architects